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Welcome to PN’S UNIVERSE! The PN-NFT project will be a great way to engage our funny story in an alternate setting: Think of the PN-NFTs to each be a mirror/gateway to the PN Multiverse. A little info about NFTs:


NFTs stand for “Non-Fungible Tokens” meaning a piece of content that is one of one (it has no copies, it just exists by itself) it is timestamped on the Blockchain (the detached ledger of the Internet, home of the crypto) & whoever owns the NFT has that ledger to back it up as proof, in other words a more succinct contract of ownership that can be easily traced back to the source. NFTs are still a new thing but they’re generally art pieces (a painting, a drawing, a meme) and can be traded to and fro, usually with crypto (notably Ethereum) it’s still an unformed market filled with rudimentary works: What I propose with this project is to imbue quality content into the space using the PN IP, as well as utilize this exciting space to promote the project and get it to a bigger platform (HBO, Netflix, Amazon, etc.) So we’re creating the PN-NFTs, “PN Coins” that will be funny virtual pieces/collectibles that mirror the PN & FRIENDS content and alludes to the content it can & will be going forward.


Each PN-NFT is not just a fantastic unique piece of comedic art/content, but it also represents support for the show and a piece of the Intellectual Property: If the show blows up and gets on a major platform, that “PN COIN” the owner has will also blow up in value as a collectible. Meaning early fans will be rewarded for their fidelity to the project. It will also turn them into evangelists for the show, since they now have an investment in our brand, with their “PN COIN” art piece token.


Many will ask: Why should I buy a PN Coin? What gives it value? And I would answer the show is ready for primetime. Our progressing quality of content & critical buzz we’ve garnered for the past 3 years has led us to the point of ready to pitch: While other tv sitcoms need “a couple of years to establish a groove” & tone, we already have that with our colorful cast. Think of a PN-NFT as having a Michael Jordan rookie card in 1986: sure he has some good buzz from college, but would he be the greatest basketball player of all time? His hardcore fans knew back then before the mainstream did. Now, imagine if those hardcore fans each had a one of one MJ rookie card? (each one unique and owned by that fan only, till they wanted to sell it or trade it) That card would be ten-fold a regular MJ basketball card, and MJ rookie cards sell around the upper six figures already. Of all the NFTs out there, this rewards and engages the collector to the material. Plus, it’s not just going to be a boring old coin, it’s also going to be a portal to the PN Multiverse.


PN & Friends is a weird show. It’s hilarious, but also has moments where you’re scratching your head. It’s Seinfeld on crack. The PN-NFTs are not just going to be awesome pieces of art, they’ll also have inside jokes, keys to pivotal storylines, games, unlockable characters, etc.: We’re basically going to go full Yu-Gi-Oh with the NFTs as they will affect the story in different ways. Owners of the PN-NFTs will be a part of our show, even if it’s symbolically. (Imagine being a part of the Game of Thrones universe because you have an NFT dragon, and being referred to it by the main characters, this takes the shout out to a higher level) It’s a fun investment to have that also enables you to join our game & engage into the funny world of PN & Friends, & actually become a member of his friends!


II. THE PN-NFT RULES What makes Bitcoin special and popular is that it is scarce (there is only a finite number of bitcoin, which makes it valuable: Only the few will have bitcoin, and that frenzy to be one of the few is fueling it’s hype)

PN-NFTs will also be a limited run: There will only be 1,100 coins minted (1,000 for the public, 100 for friends and family.)


When we say coins, we mean that metaphorically (some of the content will be actual coins like the “PN-NY”, PN in the form of a penny) to a majestic classical portrait done in a specific style related to the PN Universe, to a multimedia piece of art, to maybe even a PN video game character: There’s no limit to what these NFTs can be, only rule is that they involve the PN multiverse.


There’s 3 types of coins:

-STANDARD COINS: These are the most common coins; usually coins that feature a character, place setting, thing or attribute (can be a coin, baseball type card etc.)


-STORY COINS: These are the coins that feature the PN & FRIENDS story & mythology. Like a funny scene from a past episode or a scene from a future story arc, or even an apocryphal story told only within that context: A story is told on that coin.

-SUPERCOIN: This is the rarest coin, and I would say this coin is the abstract art piece (the piece of content that the artist takes their most time invested in, the “Big Picture” piece that says something profound or it’s just really hilarious: This is the home run big ideas piece)


Each artist we collaborate with will do a drop: (A drop is a bundle/collection of NFTs tied to that artist) Each Drop will contain 26 pieces: 13 Standard Coins, 10 Story Coins, & 3 Super Coins. (1 Super Coin will be gifted to the artist in conjunction with the payment. Note: It is encouraged for the artist to inject themselves into that piece somehow, either literally or figuratively).


Each Coin will be labeled to mark what drop/which artist created it (to enforce that each coin is a unique NFT and has their own ranking/power value, & to promote the artist as well)



X = Standard, Y = Story, Z = Super

(“!” = Friends & Family token)


TM = A coin Todd Montesi holds (note: I will keep some coins for my own personal collection)


“*” = the artist’s Super Coin

For example: “PN-NY” (PNNFT – JKAPS_3/1100Z!TM) =

“Name of the work” (PNNFT - handle of the artist_Number of coin out of/1100, Super Coin, friends & family coin, also held by Todd Montesi) NOTE: If an artist comes back to do a 2nd drop there will be a roman numeral “II” after their handle, “III” if 3rd drop, etc.)


IN CONCLUSION: NFTS are a novel way to tell a story and build a community and we are excited to take that chance and show what we can do within that space. PN-NFTS will combine art, comedy, gaming, philosophy, mysticism & most of all COMMUNITY into a brand new pop-culture that will last a long time. This is the next level yall! Enjoy the journey with us, #PNNFTS #PNANDFRIENDS #PNISAWESOME


Join our discord to be up to speed on upcoming PN-NFT drops, PN & FRIENDS episodes, General PN info etc

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