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PN is a Man-Child who’s just trying to be A Man. A lovable loser, he lives his life the best he can. Unfortunately, he unwittingly
gets tangled up in a major conspiracy, and it’s up to him to save the day: Can our mild mannered hero rise to the challenge? Of course he can, because PN IS AWESOME! (I mean, we hope so…)

Created by comedian/film-maker Todd Montesi, PN has been his lifelong
passion project of combining his love of sitcoms, comic books, pop
culture, hip hop, anime, & philosophy into a rollicking story of Good
vs Evil and the timeless value of friendship.


PN first appeared
officially to the world in Todd Montesi’s comedic short “PN: CABLE’S A
RIPOFF!” which was inspired by his working class upbringing in
Brooklyn, NY. It received positive acclaim from film festivals and
critics, and gave Todd the confidence to develop the concept of PN
throughout the years.


PN & FRIENDS has been widely acclaimed by critics as fresh, original, and most of all hilarious. The show engages pop-culture in a myriad of ways, such as casting celebrities via Cameo, with the likes of Chuck Norris, Eric Roberts, Rachel Dolezal, Lil Xan & the lovable Anthony“The Mooch” Scaramucci making multiple appearances.


In that spirit of innovation, PN & FRIENDS has embraced NFTS into it’s story structure. Fans of the show can now support and directly engage the PN UNIVERSE by purchasing a super rare PN-NFT (there’s only going to be 1100 minted pieces throughout the PN UNIVERSE & MULTIVERSE!) and become a “Custodian of the PN Universe” meaning they’ll receive real world and meta world value with their PN-NFT token throughout their ownership. These range from receiving prizes, to affecting the story line in subtle ways: the potentiality is endless!


PN & Friends are poised for the big time.  Said Montesi, “My goal is to get PN on a major platform by end of year. Incorporating NFTS into our story structure I believe will help us achieve that.” Spread The Word! Join The Revolution! #PNANDFRIENDS #PNISAWESOME!

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